Vishwa Maitri Yatra

World friendship tour

How you can lend your hand for the cause?

Contacts and Network: introducing to the local groups, intimating local groups about arrival and any arrangements needed. The local groups can help in organizing discussions/talks in institutions and local meetings. Finally join the local groups in the peace chain.

Travel guidance: Information about the places and routes ahead, suggestions and cautions if any, help in visa-approvals.  Travel equipment, maintenance assistance and food & stay facilities.

Awareness: inform your friends about my tour and discuss on thoughts, ideas that are aimed to profess; personally, on social media and if possible local media.

Financial aid: everyone might not be able to personally involve and contact me for the cause, of those who want to help can support monetarily.

Bank: State Bank of India.  Branch: Wardha, J.C.Kumarappa Marg.

IFSC code: SBIN0000500     Account number: 32012156094

Account holder: Mr. Dnyaneshwar Ramdasji Yewatkar





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Vishwa Maitri Yatra

World friendship tour to unite all non-violent organisations working with philosophy aligning with Gandhian thought.

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